Sunday, December 24, 2006


Its been such a D'arvit dae!!Woke up so darn early for sum party my tution teacher organised..Wuz in such a dilemma,one if i don't go i won't be giving my teacher any face and two no one has any idea that i spent almost the whole nite till dawn break to tidy up my pig sty of a room(well its not really a pig sty its just there are so many old stuff stacked up it kinna reminded me more of a "GARANGUNI" least its neat now after throwing out half my room..)Ahh what the hack man my mum still ask me to go..Might as well go along.

The party wuz well ok..not to bored but still it kinna bore me out.Not to brag but my Team won almost all the competition and when break out to solo games i won all of em too heh call me pro but i ain't if ya wan to know.Lady Luck might have been shining down on me but i don't see her anywhere lolz....Then guess what,I went home with lots of my fav junk food "chocolates" instant energy boost esp before and after swimming...Yeah love em lotz!Just can't get enough!

Bout 5 o'clock my bro and i went for a movie "night at the museum" ....That's a damn good show cracked my sides!!I'd give it a 5/5 star rating....Simply wounderous!!Moving wax figures that talks imagine that!I wanna watch it again!Superb lol well to sum it all up no words can describe how great the show is....Go watch yourself if you wanna know how it is!Well after this nothing much really happened..same ol same ol..

Erm so today wasn't a total D'arvit dae i guess...But i'm so pooped now..wanna sleep....But still i have to finish up this blog 1st..What more do i have to write bout today?Hmm i don't think i hav anything else to write....OK then i'll end here today....

Well later then and thx for reading!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

There and bak again

Wow finally back from gramps....So much has happen since then...On da 1st dae there went fur weddin dinner at KL and had to suffer bout 4 hours of waiting and bad singing......Felt so damn relieved when i finally reached my gramps house...Then watchMTV till 3 in da mornin watch too much!!!

The moon and the sun bounces and switched position

MOrning...why do i feel so giddy today?O i guess watch too much tv last nite....Well lets see what's fur breakfast...Wow can't believe nothing's left....Oh well hab a few is it me or is the sun scorching?Well so cut up some coconuts!!!Yeah that be cool.....Ask my dad!!Lolz got a cup with freezin cold ice....Brain Freeze!! yeah love tt...Nite time MTV again till 4 this time lolz even later...

Sun:Moon look your coin drop...
Sun:There down here..
Moon:I can't see
Sun:Come down..
Sun:well now ur down i think i'll take ur place..

The sun took over and its mornin again

Dad went to Kelantan!man i wan more coconuts....I think i'll go myself...KNife ok Mug ok....Ok lets go....*Chop *CHoP* yeah 3 far so good....Splesh....Huh what's that sound...Ahhh my finger....*Drip*Drip* wow blood cool....Lets see...hmmm wow i cut away a chunck of my finger lol luckily its not too deepbut still a piece of flesh is gone..OK ok but it still hurt...YOu hurt me like crazy...Tomorrow might be better...MTV again till 4 again...lolz

THe moon fell aseep on the job and the sun knock out the moon and took her position.

NOthin special today......Usual village life...*Time ticks and passes* nite time aunt came bak!!Woo baby yay can carry baby!! lol...again time moves and late nite again....MTV haha till 4 gaain...

The moon got sick of the sun's trick and went down herself and da sun rises.

Dad came bak from kelantan,My other aunt came bak also..Ok nothin special but the house is ova crowded with children...well hab to be teacher for the day...Teach teach...nite time mtv.......
2am aah headache.....bath panadol sleep

Don't even need to sae same ol routine

Todae....Reach home....clean house and now bloggin...lolz busy dae huh!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Gr8 dae

Todae has been a super duper dae....Went out with my parents to Jusco Tebrau City....Bought so many stuff......My dad bought shoes,my mum,bro and i bought shirts......Walk around fur the whole dae...well actually half of the dae......Finally after continuous persuation i managed to get my dad to buy me new bookz.....YEASH!!! BOOKS MANY MANY BOOKS!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!.....I buy too many books so my dad usually is afraid to bring me to the bookstore hehe....Im a little devil book worm....Well goin back to my gramps on the 15th duno when i'll be back leh but all i know i won't be bloggin fur quite some time....Haiz gonna miss all my fwenz here...Oh well its gonna be a very borin time there but i'll try my best to be optimistic like the proverb says there is a silver lining between every cloud or something like that.....I'll try to enjoy myself there! Yeah.....IM gonna rock everywhere i go!Why?Cuz De DreamerZ is in da house!Haiz today's been very tiring almost dozing off liau even as i'm writting my blog now....heh guess i should go to bed....Till next time denz...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ane Dae Passed

Wuz just another dae like any other...Seriously how long is this hols gonna last....I wan get my results and go back to school.... all this waiting is killing me man....The outcome is not known and yet without knowin about it the whole hols is nothing but a great big game of waiting and anticipating....Ahh can't take it no more.....I'll be a half-fledged houseman when this hols finally get through and done......My mum intensive house chores is passed to me for the hols..Oh well learnin one more skill is not bad i guess....Had been Mapling the whole dae and my mage finally reach 18 and need to train 12 more lvls aaahzzz ...... so slow....feel like givin up but i can't have to catch up with my younger brother....heh oh well.....everydae is just the same anyways haha but still bloggin can take off some stress.....Guess hav to do this everydae....Its gettin late should sleep now...Laterz then

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A long rest and back again....

Itss been so long since i last blogged.....Holz already coming to and end guess i really have to pack up MR LAZY BONES and prepare myself for next school term.....PMR results not even out yet and i'm not very certain which class i'll end up in....Hav got to wait till after Christmas to finally know whcih class i'll be in...I REALLY DO HOPE that i'll do considerably well so my parents will not be dissapointed and not to lose face myself.....Goin on a massive diet now have to lose a couple of pounds because i overate during my hols.... (Oh NOooOOoo!!) oh well coming back down to earth...ok reality check next year is gonna be a very tough year and no more wastin time like the past few years....Haiz oh well life's bitter sweet and all challenges of the new day have to be faced with new strength...guess i'll move on to a more cheerful road but the road blocks will come EVENTUALLY...Its late guess i should sleep now so till next time..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Calm Days

Well exams are finally over but i just don't seem to be in a celebrating mood.Feelz so bored....especially in school just sit in the hall like some kind of dumb ass.Well luckily my mum let me skip school.Well she won't if she don't gain anything from it heh.....thats my mum...Well finally able to stay home under the condition of doing house work for her and she can watch her korean movie......Well beats going to school anyways at least i have something to do.Listen to so much music lately i think my computer speaker might explode from it.If it don't, i think my eardrums will.And play quite a lot of games lately too....Well when my younger bro is not around that is he's having exams so i can't throughly enjoy myself. have to vait fur him till him exams are ova.During this two weeks i feel as if time is playing a trick on me.One second it's moving at snail pace and another second its moving in jack-rabbit speed.Heh well thats life without a real destination.Well have to try to find an aim soon or i'll be drowned in uncertainty.Oh well gotta find some stuff to do now so till next time then.LaterZ

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Out of boredom into the living dead

Well exams are finally over *phew* can finally catch my breath after such a hectic week i was looking foward to a nice relaxin week and then what happen.NO HOLS after exams and have to sit in the hall and make castle in the air.What after PMR activities more like askin us to waste our precious time doin nothin in the hall.And to make matter worst my lil bro is havin his final exam and my father is still banning all types,genra and whatsoever connected with computer and games.Oh well thats life ne ways.At least i can still listen to songs thank goodness and still use my computer when my parents and brother is out.well I think they are about to come back so have to go now.Toodlex

Monday, September 11, 2006

Omg pressurez man!!!

Exams are soo close naw am finally feeling the pressure.Wow am working like 24/7 now a days don't really think i know anything else but study.My parents even banned me from computer luckily they go out once in a while so i'm finally able to use my com.I think for some time this will be my last blog for quite a while.I don't know wheather i would be able to get good grades but i believe i can do it!!!Yesh so its gonna be a heck of a ride no matter how rough or bumpy but i'll survive.Hey i know this song....I will survive,I will survive..Yeah yea....Well have to continue to study now.....well its boring but someone has to do it and thats me haha!!!And when all this is over i'm gonna watch SPONGEBOB THE MOVIE!!! over and over and over and over again....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Art or Extra Money?

People say that art is pleasure for those who do/create them and those who look at them.Well i say why don't we turn art into cash haha.Well the pic above is my latest creation and i am considering to turn them into $$$.It's used as a decoration and a firmer grip on the pencils you use no matter what type.Its all made by me haha by my own BEAR hands. Aiks! Wrong spelling its bare hands.Plz give me ur opinions on this item.Call my handphone if any opinions pop into your mind.Its 016-7866892. I'll give one free to my best friends and teachers so plz feel free to get them from me BUT you must order them 1st cuz i might not hav them if you want them suddenly.Haha thats all.From mie DreamerZ

Yee Siang and the forty days?

My countdown begins today 40 more days to go.40 days to what u ask.PMR no.Hey seriously who wants to countdown to PMR when you can count to the days after PMR.Haha so me and my fourty days is different.Forty days of PP(Pure Pressure) and according to the DreamerZ BIG BOOK OF THEORIES(written by yours truely) pressure can neither be destroyed or created like energy but accumulated slowly and unknowingly and suddenly your are crushed under pressure.Ouch that hurts.Well something like that is happening to me.Its slowly pushing down on me.Wow but ain't feeling anything.Come on pressure mash me i need MOTIVATION!!!Well luckily i still have a sound mind.Not going mental phewz lucky me.So bout my day.Todays trial wuz passable.I can't possibly be like some GENIUS or should i call them FREAKS to get 100% for every paper(luckily i haven't met any of those yet) or those who can't even get one question right(well i think there are a few lurking somewhere in school) i think i can get a reasonable result i hope.(*sweat dripping*).Tomorrow's another day of trial another day for studying and cracking open my brain like a coconut.Well if u ask me if im feeling the pressure yet the ans will still be no.Why well cuz i still ain't got the fever yet.Haha well have to do more Studying.STUDY STUDY S...T..u..d...y~~~~ Im all right still not mad yet.Just seeing if this works .lolz kk thats all from miex buaiz.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Uber Duber Hectic DAE!!!

Wow today was uber duber BUSY!!!!Went out today wib my fwenz....But then so rush man....I finish tution at 11.30 reach home then go find a song for a fwen...Well bout a few minitues all my fwen reach my hse de OMG!!! I haven't even got dress yet....well i was uber lucky my fwenz were all understandin phewz....well finally got changed and went to KERRIS YAY!!! ahh 4Fwen+1Miex cannot sit car....Nebamind la walk la ho....Walk till there de leg bery shuan because step on lemon haha =p No la jokin...but well was a bit tired la.Then go to book store..Bookz don't you love the smell of books...haha and its my fav shop POPULAR BOOKSTORE!!! Saw a nice book there but so trip there gonna ask my parents to get it(hehe they are gonna complain again nene but who cares as long as i git my book)And i bought a few books for my younger brother.After that ne hmm i went to game shop hav new final fantasy yay!! who cares just buy it 1st but have to wait till after exam onli can play =( oh well as long i hav it its never too late..Then lunch errmm...what did i have again o ya my favourite BAKED RICE!!! the aroma is still hanging around me can't you smell it haha....well after havin my fill then 3 of them walk wib me to my house my other fwen IKKY went home by bus.Well They went back after they reach my hse at round 3++ and the resh of the day wuz pretty mush de same....Wow so busy man today didn't even hav time to rest..Yawn guess hav to go bed now.Thats all from miex today hope u all enjoy your *Snore*.....w....i....s...i...t......

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ThE CaLm BeFoRe ThE "STORM?"

Wow finally hols...Enjoyin myself yup and no.When school repoen my trial continues NOoOoO....Haiz stress sia...And I can't force myself to do more work...haiz...Well l think i'll put more effort into my work...Well this hols what hav i been doin im listenin to lots of music and chatting a lot leh....haiyo haiyo must use the computer less liau ah after this hols....Must have a strong will now no time for a weak soul to take over...So now its either all A's or DIE . wow thats a lot to think about.
pressure,Well the nights getting old and I STILL HAVE TO STUDY AHhHhHhH..... So thats all from mie DreamerZ till my next post toodlex!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Football in School....Tired

aew man was today tiring.....Guess what had a football match today in school and well its a knockout battle and my team didn't make it to the next round.Awwwz haha...well we were up against the school team so what did you expect.The rsults was 0-0 ....Then given a golden goal chance but also no one got the ball in.Well in ended in penalty shots I didn't get to save anyone of the balls even though all the shots were just at my fingertips i should have jumped further... And i hurt my elbow *sob**sob* (hey why am I talking like a girl....swt) Haha well no one say that being a goalie is gonna be simple.Erm did i mention i was the goalie for my team haha....Wow so i'm like so pooped now.....Wanna rest a while now or maybe its my sweepie time haha so Blogging more some other time then....SAYONARA

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Me life's turning point?

Today is quite a nice day....In life well there is nothing I can do bout it X-cept bein myself.....Hehe ~.0 studys on the other hand there is alot to catch up on..Seriously I usually have no prob on maths and suddenly my brain froze during maths class......Wow lots to do and in 3 months and a half is my PMR exam.... How can i stand the pressure but well should minimise the time doin other stuff like going online...Studiex Study StudieX realt akes the hell outta me....OoOo... just finish watching a set of anime call Magister Negi Magi the sad thing is the 2nd part could not be found in shops.....How am i supposed to know the ENDING!!! =( so sad....HOpe I could find it someday....Well the junction of turning is near so for better or for worst....I have no idea but whatever path is reveled I shall brave on and continue my path,my destiny my future ahead....... It is time for me to go so see ya all so very soon......Sayonara....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wow 2nd week of school and I'm still Alive

Phew finally 1st week of school is over and today is the begining of the 2nd week the fist week well its not bad i guess.....Bad results and all....Eventhough all that I didn't get a dressing down from my mum...phew....Hehe...Well the 2nd week has already started....Don't really knnow what's in store for me this week....Well not much to write today when i have anything interesting will keep you updated k....SO plz be wait for watashi o~~

Monday, June 12, 2006

My new Chapter of life

Long time since I last posted my blog...well my life has been most interesting since the time i was away.Never had the time to really sit down and think bout it.Well I have finally settle down and thinking bout those event that have come to pass....Well 1st off is my mid yr examination it lasted 4 the whole last week of school before the hols.(come to think of it wonder how i did hmm....)Well then next off is my hols.. 2 week of pure pleasure and 'not-sureness' During that 2 weeks i seem so lost and wasn't sure what my path is taking me to.But someone finally made me realise that dreams don't turn into reality.And because of that someone i came to realise that i must continue to a new chapter of life.Its sad having to leave the past and almost heart breaking but because of that I am able to move on so to that person(ok this person's name u don't have to know its just 4 me to know =p hehe) THANK YOU very much.Well a change will be going on in me so well you might just be able to see a brand new me soon(and i hope its gonna be real soon just can't wait =3 ) Now come to think of it i have lots of stuff to do being the first day back in school and all well till my next post then. Sayonara!!!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

LiFe Is UnPrEdIcTeD As EvEr

Well not much happen to me last week till Saturday...... 25/3/05 that day was a killer man...Well lets start from da begining shall we.Well on that day wuz a ceramah day tecnically it wasn't such a bad day but a special 1.Well this ceramah was well is how he began his speech...

How are you feeling
Now I don't wan you to say good i wan't you all to say "hou yea"
HOw are you feeling

Well the ice breaking wuz not the bad part it has still yet to some....Arggg 4 me its like BLOODY rare 4 me to do something so
HUMILIATING ...... well here is d humiliating part was I was made to dance hawaii cuz did wrong thing in front of d school....Man was that humiliating ....

Haiz well thats all lah till next time

Thursday, March 23, 2006

School N other stuffz

Well School has just started boring holz over now comes nagging teacherz why can't I have just one good day.RESULTS are back......Arrgh they SUCK and i mean BIG TIME.What is wrong with me arrgh.....The ASSY FOUR in my class is getting assier n assier by the day n they are so sucky thats the word suck is not sutiable to discribe them....Man so pooped today feel like droping on my bed n Sleep ZzZzZzZ...... bnt can't afternoon hav tution n nite too....Bitter lifez but yet still sweet life like sweet bitter gourd soup(if there is anything like this....) hehz....well then have to continue this rocky life bumpy rocky up n down life

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hols goin over

Hols again....didn't expect it is over so soon....Well in a few days time.This hols 4 me is full of confusion,stress,depression,excitement,enjoyment and a lil happiness. So bored this hols doin same things again and again till i am already tired of doin those things again 4 the time being.Not really a special holidays normal,same,boring,sien ......ect. ect.Man didn't updated my blog 4 so long d....Don't care bah too bz marz....Well this hols no hanging out, hardly chat with frenz cuz no one 4 more days then school reopen haiz then study study study......Well anyway its better if school is open.....Or staying too long at home will die....well s'all i hav to say bah till next time then..

Swift like the wind I shall go,
And find the place I shall dwell,
As the seconds tick,
I wonder where I should go,
Where I belong,
Without noticing I am gone,
On a trip to who knows where...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Finallt overz

Haiz sports dae is finally over tired like hell.hahaz but marching got 2nd.Yeah not too shabby.Exams is when.....OMG next week didn't even study wei marching all dae long..Now hav to study like shit....Haiz esp geography walau that teacher don't know how to teach.I don't even understand what she says wei.Well have to boost the speed of studying.sienz ar sien.....well its ok i think no big lor.After that can rest 4 a little while cuz its a term break yeah

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Some lil notez n stuff

Nt. much i could say.So bz and yet so much to do.Sheer pressure and stress....Time to relax a lil....

Here a lil sumthing i found on da net its nice:

If I were the rain,
could I connect with someone's heart?
As the rain can unite
the eternally seperated earth and sky....

Coolz......I wish i hade a scenery that could go with this poem or rather this short phrase....
Oh wellz... I have to study more n work more till the 1st term break thats when i could have a little rest....Oh what everz.....Laterz

Monday, February 20, 2006

Unpredictable life

Such a hectic week.Marching and 1st exam,study and work........pressure and stress.........Operation Mushroom is almost successful.......Am feeling tired and feeling sore......Sunburn.........Have to rest......Its short......will fill up detail next time....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Yoz Final Fantasy 9 picture.Cool looking and rox big time.Who is my fav character.....Zidane of course the guy with da tail if you wanna know.HOpe you like it.Sayonara....

Monday, February 13, 2006

Total Eclips of The Heart

Valentine dae is bloody near.....Its tomorrow my god so fast d....I didn't even noticed...O RIGHT I DON"T have a VALENTINE why would I even wan to rememberz.Well for me its gonna be the time my heart gone into another eclips.I just had to remember the forsaken love.....I reli hope i get to 4git really i meant 4git as in really 4get.Aargg whatever larz this year exam year must focus on studies..PMR.....well forget valentine its just another normal dae so just pass it like it is....Duh of course at home lar then where do you think i would wanna go.....s'all i have to say so Laterz

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bz Lif3

Todae is the beginning of a few week of intensive training.well if you wanna know its sports dae.I don't know why there must be marching on sports dae.Aiyaaaa so tiring.... well sometimes I could hear teachers criticizing the marchers I really don't know why.If they say so much why don't they do it themselves.well I think teachers should have a marching band themselves.This should teach them to shup the gap up(I am onli refering to some teachers).Well I am still gonna take part nothing is gonna stop me....Well todae has been a tired dae so have to go and freshen laterz

Monday, February 06, 2006

One of those dayz

Its one of those days again.Hols are over and school has already begun.Yea those sick and hot days at school.Well if it isn't for those damn irritating man-w**** it might not sux that big time.Well over all today isn't so bad........might have been good in one way might have been bad....Well unexpectedly i got an ang pau in school.Never expected it though thats why its a suprise.....Anywayz there is no tution today so i have to rest and do revision....REVISION well if it isn't 4 PMR i won't be studying at all.AArghh.........Have to go so laterz....