Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Art or Extra Money?

People say that art is pleasure for those who do/create them and those who look at them.Well i say why don't we turn art into cash haha.Well the pic above is my latest creation and i am considering to turn them into $$$.It's used as a decoration and a firmer grip on the pencils you use no matter what type.Its all made by me haha by my own BEAR hands. Aiks! Wrong spelling its bare hands.Plz give me ur opinions on this item.Call my handphone if any opinions pop into your mind.Its 016-7866892. I'll give one free to my best friends and teachers so plz feel free to get them from me BUT you must order them 1st cuz i might not hav them if you want them suddenly.Haha thats all.From mie DreamerZ

Yee Siang and the forty days?

My countdown begins today 40 more days to go.40 days to what u ask.PMR no.Hey seriously who wants to countdown to PMR when you can count to the days after PMR.Haha so me and my fourty days is different.Forty days of PP(Pure Pressure) and according to the DreamerZ BIG BOOK OF THEORIES(written by yours truely) pressure can neither be destroyed or created like energy but accumulated slowly and unknowingly and suddenly your are crushed under pressure.Ouch that hurts.Well something like that is happening to me.Its slowly pushing down on me.Wow but ain't feeling anything.Come on pressure mash me i need MOTIVATION!!!Well luckily i still have a sound mind.Not going mental phewz lucky me.So bout my day.Todays trial wuz passable.I can't possibly be like some GENIUS or should i call them FREAKS to get 100% for every paper(luckily i haven't met any of those yet) or those who can't even get one question right(well i think there are a few lurking somewhere in school) i think i can get a reasonable result i hope.(*sweat dripping*).Tomorrow's another day of trial another day for studying and cracking open my brain like a coconut.Well if u ask me if im feeling the pressure yet the ans will still be no.Why well cuz i still ain't got the fever yet.Haha well have to do more Studying.STUDY STUDY S...T..u..d...y~~~~ Im all right still not mad yet.Just seeing if this works .lolz kk thats all from miex buaiz.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Uber Duber Hectic DAE!!!

Wow today was uber duber BUSY!!!!Went out today wib my fwenz....But then so rush man....I finish tution at 11.30 reach home then go find a song for a fwen...Well bout a few minitues all my fwen reach my hse de OMG!!! I haven't even got dress yet....well i was uber lucky my fwenz were all understandin phewz....well finally got changed and went to KERRIS YAY!!! ahh 4Fwen+1Miex cannot sit car....Nebamind la walk la ho....Walk till there de leg bery shuan because step on lemon haha =p No la jokin...but well was a bit tired la.Then go to book store..Bookz don't you love the smell of books...haha and its my fav shop POPULAR BOOKSTORE!!! Saw a nice book there but so expensive...next trip there gonna ask my parents to get it(hehe they are gonna complain again nene but who cares as long as i git my book)And i bought a few books for my younger brother.After that ne hmm i went to game shop hav new final fantasy yay!! who cares just buy it 1st but have to wait till after exam onli can play =( oh well as long i hav it its never too late..Then lunch errmm...what did i have again o ya my favourite BAKED RICE!!! the aroma is still hanging around me can't you smell it haha....well after havin my fill then 3 of them walk wib me to my house my other fwen IKKY went home by bus.Well They went back after they reach my hse at round 3++ and the resh of the day wuz pretty mush de same....Wow so busy man today didn't even hav time to rest..Yawn guess hav to go bed now.Thats all from miex today hope u all enjoy your *Snore*.....w....i....s...i...t......

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ThE CaLm BeFoRe ThE "STORM?"

Wow finally hols...Enjoyin myself yup and no.When school repoen my trial continues NOoOoO....Haiz stress sia...And I can't force myself to do more work...haiz...Well l think i'll put more effort into my work...Well this hols what hav i been doin im listenin to lots of music and chatting a lot leh....haiyo haiyo must use the computer less liau ah after this hols....Must have a strong will now no time for a weak soul to take over...So now its either all A's or DIE . wow thats a lot to think about.
pressure,Well the nights getting old and I STILL HAVE TO STUDY AHhHhHhH..... So thats all from mie DreamerZ till my next post toodlex!!!!