Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Football in School....Tired

aew man was today tiring.....Guess what had a football match today in school and well its a knockout battle and my team didn't make it to the next round.Awwwz haha...well we were up against the school team so what did you expect.The rsults was 0-0 ....Then given a golden goal chance but also no one got the ball in.Well in ended in penalty shots I didn't get to save anyone of the balls even though all the shots were just at my fingertips i should have jumped further... And i hurt my elbow *sob**sob* (hey why am I talking like a girl....swt) Haha well no one say that being a goalie is gonna be simple.Erm did i mention i was the goalie for my team haha....Wow so i'm like so pooped now.....Wanna rest a while now or maybe its my sweepie time haha so Blogging more some other time then....SAYONARA

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Me life's turning point?

Today is quite a nice day....In life well there is nothing I can do bout it X-cept bein myself.....Hehe ~.0 studys on the other hand there is alot to catch up on..Seriously I usually have no prob on maths and suddenly my brain froze during maths class......Wow lots to do and in 3 months and a half is my PMR exam.... How can i stand the pressure but well should minimise the time doin other stuff like going online...Studiex Study StudieX realt akes the hell outta me....OoOo... just finish watching a set of anime call Magister Negi Magi the sad thing is the 2nd part could not be found in shops.....How am i supposed to know the ENDING!!! =( so sad....HOpe I could find it someday....Well the junction of turning is near so for better or for worst....I have no idea but whatever path is reveled I shall brave on and continue my path,my destiny my future ahead....... It is time for me to go so see ya all so very soon......Sayonara....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wow 2nd week of school and I'm still Alive

Phew finally 1st week of school is over and today is the begining of the 2nd week the fist week well its not bad i guess.....Bad results and all....Eventhough all that I didn't get a dressing down from my mum...phew....Hehe...Well the 2nd week has already started....Don't really knnow what's in store for me this week....Well not much to write today when i have anything interesting will keep you updated k....SO plz be wait for watashi o~~

Monday, June 12, 2006

My new Chapter of life

Long time since I last posted my blog...well my life has been most interesting since the time i was away.Never had the time to really sit down and think bout it.Well I have finally settle down and thinking bout those event that have come to pass....Well 1st off is my mid yr examination it lasted 4 the whole last week of school before the hols.(come to think of it wonder how i did hmm....)Well then next off is my hols.. 2 week of pure pleasure and 'not-sureness' During that 2 weeks i seem so lost and wasn't sure what my path is taking me to.But someone finally made me realise that dreams don't turn into reality.And because of that someone i came to realise that i must continue to a new chapter of life.Its sad having to leave the past and almost heart breaking but because of that I am able to move on so to that person(ok this person's name u don't have to know its just 4 me to know =p hehe) THANK YOU very much.Well a change will be going on in me so well you might just be able to see a brand new me soon(and i hope its gonna be real soon just can't wait =3 ) Now come to think of it i have lots of stuff to do being the first day back in school and all well till my next post then. Sayonara!!!!!