Monday, January 26, 2009

PLKN Log #1

Plkn log #1

28/12/08 - 24/01/09

Location: Camp De' Bana

I never thought that I'd be chosen for PLKN. But I was in the end. The flashing text on my phone which congratulate me for being chosen hit me with mixed feelings. To rejoice or perhaps not.

The day finally came. On the 28th of December. The day I embarked on a journey which is beginning to change my life in some ways. On the day itself, I wasn't in my top form. I had diarrhoea the day before. The journey to camp wasn't a pleasant one. The seat was uncomfortable and everyone seems so alien to me.

When I finally reached camp, I was really shocked. The camp is very big and empty. Not forgetting a bit badly designed.

The first week was the hardest to pass by. My diarrhoea problem didn't seem to cease. All the food they serve there are spicy ones. That didn't do any good for my problem.

Things started getting better on the second week. I got to know my dorm mates better. Not to mention all the company members. I am proud to say I'm glad to be a member of the Charlie Company. Of course that doesn't mean I've forgotten all about the friends who came together with me. I still go and look for them when I have extra time to spare.

Despite all the people I like hanging around with, there are still those who I do not adore so much. One of them is known as kepala bocor(leaking head) he got the name because on the 2nd week he knocked his head in the bathroom because he was running around. 5 stiches on the wound. He's a bit crazy. He'll always be the first one rushing off to the unknown. The most hillarious thing is he always wants to be the leader when he has no leadership qualities.

Mr. Kerusi (chair) is well another one of the person I try my very best to bear with. He's the most hypocritical I've ever encountered in my entire existence. Even he knows it. In open sharing, he fake a speech saying he wants to change his behaviour and all. He even say it till he almost cry himself. But nothing change at all after that. He's back to his usual self. Very fake in everything he does. How can he live with himself? Haha.. God really does make people come in various varieties.

The most intersting thing that happen so far in camp was long range navigation. We went up and down hills, into bushes, shrubs, hedges , through rubber and oil palm plantations. The whole journey too my company 5 hours and 16 minutes to complete. But at the end of the day the teacher say we cheated a little because we went off bearing a lot by walking on the man made road. We are supposed to follow the bearing no matter which direction it pointed at. Haha oh well.

The next big event is open day on 24th Jan 09. I took part in marching. After two weeks of marching, it was finally the day. We did static marching( turning left, right, back, front, one step forward, four steps to the right, etc.) , dynamic marching( saluting front, side, backturn, marching etc.) and lastly formation marching. Training was very tiring. In the end it was worth is because everything went well on the day itself.

That is also the day I made my way back here. To Johor Bahru. My home. It's been two days i'm back home. I'll be going back to camp on 28th again. Kinna fast. Oh well, it'll just have to do.

The next time I come back home, I'll make sure I take pictures. As memories.

Till 11th march then..