Sunday, December 13, 2009

Of the journey so far & taking candy from a baby..

It's been such a long time since I actually blogged. But I don't think it'll be any different even if I blog; no one bothers to visit anyways.. Still, I've decide to blog anyhow, course hey i'm just a guy leaving some of his memories online, that won't do any harm now or will it?

Well for starters, my end of semester exam ended on the 10th this month with physics as the final paper. After the paper me and my friends went up to mid valley to catch "storm warriors 2" the movie.

The movie sucked hardcore. Too much slow motions, effects and too closed up during the fighting scene(you only see blurry figures flying about =.=).. Well at least I learned that it sucked.. hahaha.. After walking around midvalley for who knows how long, we finally squashed ourselves in the crowded ktm and made our way back home. I however stayed over at my friend's house.

I took a 5.30pm bus back home to JB from seremban. This trip was somehow fun & unusual..lolz.. There was this little kid who sat infront of me, at the start of the trip he was rather jumpy, then he stood up on his seat and looked at me. Or actually he scanned the whole back of the bus. I slept for an hour then woke up.. I didn't know how it happend but I started playing with the little kid, and boy was it a tiring trip since then.. haha.. but it's fun.. After a little while the kid asked his grandma to give me a candy.. So now i know the feeling of taking candy from a baby? haha... well thats bout it.. I reached JB at bout 9.00 Pm and bid farewell to the kid.. And here are some pictures of the kid to end my entry..

Keep the cam away?


He's to playing "catch" me if you can with me...