Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Towards the end

Only two weeks left till the end of the semester. Life seems to be more bustling with life in these recent days. I guess the main reason is because end of sem exams are coming soon and everyone are changing into their study gears. Though there still seem to be some who are still slacking away. Anyways it's their choice.

The week so far had been crazy, really crazy. A week filled with quizes and exams. Everyone just seem so well busy i guess preparing for it. Nevertheless, some people are still trying to slack till the eleventh hour before they finally want to make a move. I suppose doing that for them is really alright, i mean there are some people who could do it after all. As for me, the eleventh hour proves too short a time for me. So it's time to tighten up that belt and hold on tight for the last ride for the sem.

I'm so looking forward to going home after so many months out here. It sure is nice being able to stay at home. Well not that i get much studying done at home but well at least i can rest up a bit at home before another gruesome long semester starts. Heh, well now is not the time to think bout that..

Time to work hard and kick ass...