Sunday, December 24, 2006


Its been such a D'arvit dae!!Woke up so darn early for sum party my tution teacher organised..Wuz in such a dilemma,one if i don't go i won't be giving my teacher any face and two no one has any idea that i spent almost the whole nite till dawn break to tidy up my pig sty of a room(well its not really a pig sty its just there are so many old stuff stacked up it kinna reminded me more of a "GARANGUNI" least its neat now after throwing out half my room..)Ahh what the hack man my mum still ask me to go..Might as well go along.

The party wuz well ok..not to bored but still it kinna bore me out.Not to brag but my Team won almost all the competition and when break out to solo games i won all of em too heh call me pro but i ain't if ya wan to know.Lady Luck might have been shining down on me but i don't see her anywhere lolz....Then guess what,I went home with lots of my fav junk food "chocolates" instant energy boost esp before and after swimming...Yeah love em lotz!Just can't get enough!

Bout 5 o'clock my bro and i went for a movie "night at the museum" ....That's a damn good show cracked my sides!!I'd give it a 5/5 star rating....Simply wounderous!!Moving wax figures that talks imagine that!I wanna watch it again!Superb lol well to sum it all up no words can describe how great the show is....Go watch yourself if you wanna know how it is!Well after this nothing much really happened..same ol same ol..

Erm so today wasn't a total D'arvit dae i guess...But i'm so pooped now..wanna sleep....But still i have to finish up this blog 1st..What more do i have to write bout today?Hmm i don't think i hav anything else to write....OK then i'll end here today....

Well later then and thx for reading!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

There and bak again

Wow finally back from gramps....So much has happen since then...On da 1st dae there went fur weddin dinner at KL and had to suffer bout 4 hours of waiting and bad singing......Felt so damn relieved when i finally reached my gramps house...Then watchMTV till 3 in da mornin watch too much!!!

The moon and the sun bounces and switched position

MOrning...why do i feel so giddy today?O i guess watch too much tv last nite....Well lets see what's fur breakfast...Wow can't believe nothing's left....Oh well hab a few is it me or is the sun scorching?Well so cut up some coconuts!!!Yeah that be cool.....Ask my dad!!Lolz got a cup with freezin cold ice....Brain Freeze!! yeah love tt...Nite time MTV again till 4 this time lolz even later...

Sun:Moon look your coin drop...
Sun:There down here..
Moon:I can't see
Sun:Come down..
Sun:well now ur down i think i'll take ur place..

The sun took over and its mornin again

Dad went to Kelantan!man i wan more coconuts....I think i'll go myself...KNife ok Mug ok....Ok lets go....*Chop *CHoP* yeah 3 far so good....Splesh....Huh what's that sound...Ahhh my finger....*Drip*Drip* wow blood cool....Lets see...hmmm wow i cut away a chunck of my finger lol luckily its not too deepbut still a piece of flesh is gone..OK ok but it still hurt...YOu hurt me like crazy...Tomorrow might be better...MTV again till 4 again...lolz

THe moon fell aseep on the job and the sun knock out the moon and took her position.

NOthin special today......Usual village life...*Time ticks and passes* nite time aunt came bak!!Woo baby yay can carry baby!! lol...again time moves and late nite again....MTV haha till 4 gaain...

The moon got sick of the sun's trick and went down herself and da sun rises.

Dad came bak from kelantan,My other aunt came bak also..Ok nothin special but the house is ova crowded with children...well hab to be teacher for the day...Teach teach...nite time mtv.......
2am aah headache.....bath panadol sleep

Don't even need to sae same ol routine

Todae....Reach home....clean house and now bloggin...lolz busy dae huh!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Gr8 dae

Todae has been a super duper dae....Went out with my parents to Jusco Tebrau City....Bought so many stuff......My dad bought shoes,my mum,bro and i bought shirts......Walk around fur the whole dae...well actually half of the dae......Finally after continuous persuation i managed to get my dad to buy me new bookz.....YEASH!!! BOOKS MANY MANY BOOKS!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!.....I buy too many books so my dad usually is afraid to bring me to the bookstore hehe....Im a little devil book worm....Well goin back to my gramps on the 15th duno when i'll be back leh but all i know i won't be bloggin fur quite some time....Haiz gonna miss all my fwenz here...Oh well its gonna be a very borin time there but i'll try my best to be optimistic like the proverb says there is a silver lining between every cloud or something like that.....I'll try to enjoy myself there! Yeah.....IM gonna rock everywhere i go!Why?Cuz De DreamerZ is in da house!Haiz today's been very tiring almost dozing off liau even as i'm writting my blog now....heh guess i should go to bed....Till next time denz...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ane Dae Passed

Wuz just another dae like any other...Seriously how long is this hols gonna last....I wan get my results and go back to school.... all this waiting is killing me man....The outcome is not known and yet without knowin about it the whole hols is nothing but a great big game of waiting and anticipating....Ahh can't take it no more.....I'll be a half-fledged houseman when this hols finally get through and done......My mum intensive house chores is passed to me for the hols..Oh well learnin one more skill is not bad i guess....Had been Mapling the whole dae and my mage finally reach 18 and need to train 12 more lvls aaahzzz ...... so slow....feel like givin up but i can't have to catch up with my younger brother....heh oh well.....everydae is just the same anyways haha but still bloggin can take off some stress.....Guess hav to do this everydae....Its gettin late should sleep now...Laterz then

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A long rest and back again....

Itss been so long since i last blogged.....Holz already coming to and end guess i really have to pack up MR LAZY BONES and prepare myself for next school term.....PMR results not even out yet and i'm not very certain which class i'll end up in....Hav got to wait till after Christmas to finally know whcih class i'll be in...I REALLY DO HOPE that i'll do considerably well so my parents will not be dissapointed and not to lose face myself.....Goin on a massive diet now have to lose a couple of pounds because i overate during my hols.... (Oh NOooOOoo!!) oh well coming back down to earth...ok reality check next year is gonna be a very tough year and no more wastin time like the past few years....Haiz oh well life's bitter sweet and all challenges of the new day have to be faced with new strength...guess i'll move on to a more cheerful road but the road blocks will come EVENTUALLY...Its late guess i should sleep now so till next time..