Thursday, February 14, 2008

& another valentine's day passes

It's valentine's day..
Ah yes valentine's day.
To some today is a wounderful day,
others a complete disaster,
while for the rest,
just another normal day.

Well to me, valentine's day is rather not important.
Well you see you have [365 + 1/4] days a year, so why wait until this specific date to tell the one you adore, love, like, are obsessed with or the one you will go ga ga over; to tell her how you actually feel ?
Well it's actually very wierd..
But anyhow, some people just find it romantic...

Something interesting actually happened today in my class..
But I don't think i can tell because it might actually hurt someone,
I suppose i better not tell..
to me,
Love blinds and then kills you slowly.
I can think of many people who would want to kill me for telling this,
Or tell me that i still haven't found the girl who really love me yet,
But the heck with it la..
To all those out there,
Happy Valentine's Day!

♪Max DreamerZ ♪