Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mad or wacked

Yay last day blog then can't on com to blog can't on com also so happy am i just plain mad or wacked?So much thing happened just in this one short week.Well actually alot of things happended everyday but those little things are always unnoticed and passes you like the wind......When you hav a bit of time and you sit down to think it's always those unnoticed small things that engrave themselves to your brain and make those deep unerasable mark.

Hahahaha i've got so much money for da new year....Mum & dad,Grandpa,Aunties...............So all together big ang pao + small ang pao + savings for jan and feb 2007 =Rm1000++ hahaha yesh reached the target again this yr whoo hoo.... Wait for the new year to finish and i hope will get another 300-500 muahahaha [so greedy =p] ......Then off to the savings account for interests muahahaha GROW MY PRECIOUS GROW!!! Ok ok goin crazy liau.....

So when school start i have to undergo MISSION 1/5 for da year.......Mission impossible?Nope... mission very possible......My solo flying mission must be a success in order to catch the big fry this yr.MUAHAHAHA nothing shall stand in my way not even the I-AM-GOOD-IN-EVERY-ASPECT-SHAWN-YONG or who ever can get in the path because they are goin to be FLATTENED!!! MUAHAHAHA!!

OK ok i think this guy here is losing it.And just hold that thought about calling the asylum cuz i've just disconnected ur phoneline...Muahahaha!! Just kidding....So today is 24th feb my zhu jie jie birthday..Happie b dae to her and many happie returns.....Too bad she had to go for tution.......Oh well life is just.....

Toady finally get to watch POKEMON....Yay....Happy...Smile....Jumping with joy......Goin nutz..... ZzZzZzZzZz sien dau.....Ok gua todays show about the uper duper strong and adorable Jiggilypuff ...a very crazie show..... After the show then clean the house le.VAC VAC here VAC VAC there HERE VAC there VAC EVERYWHERE VAC VAC. Old MC YEE SIANG HAD A VAC E-I-E-I-O........Gee reallly MAD liau hahaha....

And guess what its not even night time yet i'm already writing todays blog MUAHAHAHA.....Actually tonight can't on com and now dad's out so blog now lorz hahahaha.........later hav SEJ tution......TAmadun Mesopotamia,Mesir Purba,Yunani,Hwang Ho hahaha hav to memo oh well who cares memorising won't kill anyone deh!!MUAHAHAHA...

K thats all about today deh blog......Then now write yesterday deh HAHAHA.....

Yesterday my bro fwenz came........And guess what mine came too muahahaha......First erm Scouts fwen come Maurice,Yew Quan,Adrian and Wai Yuan........Gong xi Fa cai and they wan take my trolley of CNY DRINKS AND GOODIE......So EVIL >.<Then BESTIE FWENZ CAME....KAI YAO,YEK GUO,WEI JIAN,JIA WEI.......FA CAi FA CAi then go for bowling......MUAHAHAHA GET QUITE GOOD RESULTS with my number 11 ball and it's orange in colour.....Yek guo got double kill at the end by getting double X and i have to belanja him because of a bet aahhhh how can he do this to me!MUAHAHAHA oh well belanja ne.....

Then come back home and watch PINK PANTHER THE MOVIE the 5th time and i still laugh like an idiot MUAHAHHA......Then watchin half way CHER CHONG and JING YU came...not very familiar with them but what the hack just come in.Then the more alienated one came.....GEORGE,DENNIS,WAN LING, many people came and all get ang pao.....HAHAH New year mar must get ang pao lo.Or not why they come....HEHEHEHE...........

LATER that night only study and sms with
zhu jie jie
.....Then sleep bout 12++....then dream lor dream bout something la can't tell people...hehehe but 100% not dirty de.....MUAHAHAHA.....OH well thats all lah...and to all the people who are reading my blog don't forget to smile and laugh......MUAHAHAHA

Friday, February 23, 2007


Finally back from visiting relatives.Glad to be back home.Home sweet home,north south east west home's the best,no place like home,hujan emas di negara orang hujan batu di negara sendiri tetap balik ke negara sendiri juga. lolz so so many things to describe home's the best.Well you get da point its GREAT to be home.Well letz rewind and see what happened for the past few dayz.......Rrrrreewwwindddzzz......

~Day away from home one~
Woke up quite early today goin back to gramps.Mom packed the clothes and i have to drag the box of clothes up the car.Well its not actually dragging but more of carrying.Well anyways packed up my books and my ps2 after all's done the up up and away.Eeeh not superman leh.........GAry song superman [tiau yi tiau,niu yi niu zhuan ge chuan kan zhe wo wo jiu shi ni de superman] lolz crap sia.......... Well set off to to to to breakfast 1st la haiyo or not on da way pengsan or rather go hungry.Finish breakfast and started the 3hours journey to negeri 9.After sitting till my butt ached its great to be standing[and here i thought i'd never ever like standing esp during perbarisan ahhh twisted fate]
Just when i thought i'd get to rest my buttmy uncle just had to call and fast foward the family reunion on that day itself........Ahhhh my cruel twisted fate, my sore butt and my bursting pockets[not that bursting pockets isn't a good sign cuz cash are ova flowin muahahahah]....Oh well time to collect the ang paoz from my unclezzzz .......From young till till now i never favoured goin to visit my uncles in kl cuz i feel very alienated from them and i have to listen to them talk to me in hakka and i hav no idea what they are talking about and have to ahh ok orh.....So first thing there i have to go visit my fathers aunt my "yi po"She very old but still healthy and she can still plant vegetables that are very fresh.Coolz...So i get to visit her miniature farm and its a real kampung kampung area not much development had been done there.So the air is fresh and lots of creepy crawlies.....Cool and gross....why cuz they are very organized yet the amount of them makes you feel so grossed out.
Ya da ya da talk talk gamble gamble eat eat.....did i say gamble[Never gamble i lost so much money aaahhh(RM2 only)Hehe so kua zhang)Went back to my gramps again after its over.And get to watch tv.That night get to watch the old version of James Bond 007.....The only thing i don't get is why James Bond always so ham sap deh.....A mystery yet to be unravelled.Maybe the writer is ham sap too lolz....

~Second day away from home~
Nothing much happened except the sore throat acting up again......Pain groan.....Medicine........blueak........sleep...........
Wall that not exctly what happened....I play games too that day and also play with my cuzzinz.........Esp deh baby-baby deh.....So fun sia.....From crying i can make them smile again without the sound from coming out.I rock..... blueakz =p

~third day away from home~
Sat on the car again till butt sore and this time i felt queasy too.....luckily didn't vomit........Reached home after 3 hours and have to clean the house.went out for dinner.Aunt came at 11pm and then i went to bed.

The three day journey had officially come to an end and one again its great to be home.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happie Me Sorry

Finally CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!Yesh!!The ban is finally lifted for the moment!!PLAy like crazy!!!!!Haha.......So happy for da chinese new year......With Chinese new year around who bothers about lonely valentines or birthday............Gong Xi Fa Cai!Ji Xiang Ru Yi!Gong Xi Ni Zhu Ni Tian Tian Kuai Le!!!

Muahahaha new yr just started and ADVANCED ANGPAOS ARE ALREADY POURING IN!!!Yeah and this time i mean real ang pau!!ANd they are mostly big ones!BIg Big ones!!!Muahahaha!Cai Shen Rain on me!!!! =p

This morning work up bout 8.45++ and then study!!!New Yr Pantang!!Studying first thing you do after waking up lets you have better results for the whole year!!First year trying hope it really works and let me get good results.But then again no results without effort so im gonna pump up the effort gauge and also hope the SUPERSTITION or PANTANG comes true................(Mong Xiang Chen Zen ~.0)

Vegetarian for the whole dae....Luckily only once a year hehe....A must follow family tradition oh well............Its 10.36 naw and my parents are buying satay back!!!Yesh finally vegetarian period is ova!!!Buh bye c ya next yr!!! Two day passed only i've already put on weight......Hohoho.....Have to start eating less loh!!!Later become the next guy in a red suit!!! lolz......

Watched Battle Of Wits a moment ago......War so cruel sia and the king all so unmerciful and not bright......wanna kill the person who brought them to victory.So complicated makes my life looks way way more simpler......

So new yr must make new year vow......Hmmm so waht should i make this yr?Oh i know!!!!
This year i vow to be happy no matter what no matter if i have GF or not no matter i get scolded,bullied whatever la i'm gonna stay happy and be the only me =p!! Next......I vow to work hard to improooove my results.Well thats all la two vows are easier to keep...Hehe.......

To all those that i've offended and scolded throughout the year Go men na sai!!!!Dui Bu Qi!!!So rr y!!.........Haha new yr start afresh hope you all will forgive me.........But i know not everyone will forgive me but then at least i hav my peace of mind! SMILES =)

Tomorrow going back to gramps.Must get up early and depart and no computer....Oh well just have to go with that but will miss every one here.....Wait who will i miss again every one?O ya i forgot only I read my own blog silly me......=p ......So nothings gonna change!!!

Woo! SATAY's coming back must go get ready or my brother will snatch all and stuff down his ginormas belly!!!Aiks haha the dinning table is my family's battleground.....The fastest get the most food that is when there are no guests just my family of 4!!!!
Hehe Ciox baby!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Caunt Doun

New Year is just around da corner....So much work to do..... I'm trying so hard to finish all my work before da new year but the work seems to increase and not decreasing.The teachers are very kind this year they advanced their ang pao.......Ang pao in work......Great.......Just what i needed for the coming year.......

Memory and short term memory seems to be malfunctioning........Naw forget this later forget that....What am i to do....Record every thing then press play when no one is talking or keep on wrinting on the darn note pad till it brust into flamez..Ahh What TO DO?????

Questions are Answers,Answers leads to more questions.The chain never ends and de adverse law applies and go on foreva!Happiness may make the slightest misery a suffering.And in misery the slightest joy brings light back into your life.So not worrying is actually worrying....And missing someone is as good as not missing at all.

Complication is the equation in life that always changes and the answer NEVER EVER STAYS THE SAME.solving.......solving............The only thing i learn for all these EQUATIONS is to solve your problem cleverly and systematically......But who will guide you when you get lost....Who will you beg to clear the darkness before your path.What will you do....These questions seems to keep poping up and the answer is always not there...............

Emotions,feeling,thoughts,life........what keeps us going...........what keeps us striving to live on...........And what makes us anticipating the arrival of the new day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Still Struggling

Life's like a battle field.Am I still suppose to fight in the war i've lost last year or could i start afresh for the coming new year.So much to do but they will be nothing gained if nothing is sacrificed.The cruel and only way to bounce to the top of the game.I've got many new strategies many new tricks i've never use before not to mention try.To top that i'm tightly bound to the "adverse law of life".No happiness without sadness no sadness without happiness..The one rule that applies to almost every single thing that goes on in my life.

The cold wind sends shiver down my spine as i think about the coming event that might and will happen to me.Not even the warmth of my family could make me any better nor could it stop what might come to come.It's true what they said when you wan to reach the top you have no one but yourself.And sure its the only wise thing to do since you don't want to be anybodys burden.Val dae has no meaning to my dulled life.The colours of my life had been drained and i'm frozen,lost,unknown.

Seconds,Minutes,Hours tick by as my day passes without much accomplishment.I've become oblivious to what really goes on.Sometimes i don't understand myself too.Confused,lost,alone..............Makes me don't know what to do with myself,makes my forget my goals,makes me forget my reason for surviving,making me an unknown in an algebraic expression that has no way to solve.

My only resolve for the new year now is to keep striving,struggling,studying,smiling and reach out to my goal that is so near & yet so far.For now let me merge back to the oblivion i've created.Let me walk down the road to Oblivion.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eva life

This week seems tonnes of fun.....Lets see what i've got on my to do list.Start off with conpleting all my work b4 new year.(so much how to fin wor....Haiz do my best le..)Sukan dae no friends in class i have to lend them books.(Its still alrite)Valentine(no date....oh well baddie fur miex....better luck next yrz BUT i still get chocolates!!! well actually i get the extra that don't go into the packaging so one bad plus one good equals TIE)Study for exam after new yr(i have to bring my bookies to BAI NIAN what great luck.Hope CHAI SEN brings me luck and let get top 10 to get my new phone!!!! K800i i'm gonna get u just wait!!!!)

Ahh major major breakdown....So much to study.Memorise memorise....I wonder how people who stays at the top of the chart handle this pressure.What? what? is that Alxander the Great calling me or is it Agustus Ceaser or im goin totally BONKERS!!To be the best i must remove all my boundries but Mr. Lazzie is pulling me back....Mr. Lazzie Mr. LAzzie when will you give up i'm changing your dying surrender to that you sumbag!!!=p

Sing....Sing......Ju hua can man di sang,ni de xiau rong yi chen huang.......Man (Ju Hua Tai)ROCKS!!! Its been lingering around my brain for da past few day....And it still rocks!!!! lalalala~
whistle~ sing~ Holler~ Scream~ Shout~ Subside~

You talk to me about valentine the thing that comes out into my mind is a song.....lalala~(all of my life i have been waiting for all you give to me.........cuz all i need is you my valentine!)Haha i its my favourite and the only thing i can think of if you say valentine other than chocolates!hehe *SMILES*One choco bar is all i need for for 2km swim woot chocolates rocks!!!!My fav energy booster!!

CNY coming can't wait Gong Xi Fa Chai.....Ji De Bah Hong Bau Na lai Gei Wo OK!Chai Yuan Gun Zing Wo Kou Dai!Rang Wo Xin Xiang Shi Chen!.......................................Yeah and i get to play game!Woot!

So happie yet so sad but who cares its the new year!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Week......Me.....Work......time.....songs.....All these things seems to have merge together for me.Every week seems to pass so fast I don't even know what really happened to me.Every dae to me is school-tution-homework+song-sleep with a few times computer in between if i get SO LUCKY!But thats that lo...

So this is this week's summary.Wednesday Aussie came!The class treat her like she's an alien.I have nothing to sae lo.She a typical Ang Moh foreigner.Nothing special but everybody esp the girls stick to her like honey to a bee.(My friends fav phrase =p)The girls in my class never tires use English to converse unless forced to went to talk to her in ENGLISH imagine that.They were like saying a few word then aaaa..... emmm......... and asking each other for the word.The scene wuz so funny......But i laugh mentally so no one noticed.

Thursday.I did something that is very fun but silly too....During moral lesson we were divided into groups.Every group was suppose to perform a perticular scene.we were told about it a few lessons back but most of the people were out marching so it was delayed but no one really cares.So that every body was busy preparing scripts to read infront.The scene we had to act out is AMANAH!Its bout someone who had to take care of their neighbour house while they go for hols and ur cuzin wants to go in their house to play computer.So every group send out two people.All the otehr groups all head faced down reading some too formal way of speaking with such a soft voice that if i yawn at that time the onli sound would be my yawning sound.

So 2nd last group liau.My group wuz still you write script la.No you write scrip la.Then i got tired of waiting.I sum how got the whole scene playing and rewinding in my head.So i requested to do two person's part alone.Its a very stupid idea but suprisingly the teacher approve.SHE APPROVED!OMG! I went out and then froze a bit the the kiddy part of me took over.I put the left of my body A the right side B so as you can guess i kept changing sides and i'm like talking to myself and i spoke in a very loud and informal manned so the whole class could hear me.God was helping me cuz teh noisy class suddenly kept quiet and stare at the STUPID GORILLA JUMPING IN FRONT OF THE CLASS TALING TO ITSELF.All the guys kept quiet then kept cheering some of da girls too but i heard a few of them scold me BAI CHI...... i don't really care what they think anyways and since sec 1 i got onto their bad side so no use freting and let the hatred take over me during my act so i just continue acting.

After a full 3 minutes my act finally finish.everybody wuz clapping.The teacher even said i should get the best actor award.But the seriously this is the 5th time i did something so shameful in front of so many people in school.I still feel so ashamed when i think about them.(lol if you wan to know the other 5 shameful event then just ask i might tell you who knowz?=p)
so that all for my week.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Summing it up

Ahh so busy wei don't even have time for updating my blog.I just added another tution up my list and its been taking all my energy to finish my work.My physics suck i can't seem to remember anything...But my sejarah is a bit better after goin for tution twice a week.All the tamadun tamadun ahhh!!! still have so much to memorise not to mention my periodic table and my cell structure......Don't even get me started on my maths yet.I don't even have time to do extra work.

Double lesson on Friday and Saturday luckily not going nuts yet but how many packs of sour sweets do i need to keep me awake for all those days.Well sec 4 not a rest year and i find it even harder to catch up with studies if you slack a bit.Bah!!But in class i think i can still stay wake.I have a freezer behind my seat.My fwen the cold joker!!lol and joke for today is..........:(why do smart people glow in the dark?)(ANS:Because they are bright) seriously what type of joke is this.

The class is getting a bit lonely..Lots of my friends had been chosen to become pengawas percubaan so the class is a bit deserted during some time slots.Oh well just let it be doin work will be much quieter with a few of them away.But anyways this doesn't really mean the class will be quiet all the time.The girls are so noisy they create such a din in class when they hav done their school work.Teacher for the next class have to come silence them.

Tomorrow the "long been anticipated GIRL form AUSTRALIA" is finally coming.She kept on delayin oh well its the school's fault anyways.My fwen Shawn is going bonkers!Can't blame him thou he mask himself with colone every day trying to attract girls but no results only friends...( like i'm any girls like me too lol.But its great as it is now.=p)....well anyways just hope she really comes to class tomorrow and get this sudden craze over with.....

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Verage dae

Friday again....Enutha Everage eay...... not much happened to me today........The girl who had been so egerly anticipated by my friends didn't turn up today cuz the teacher say we'll be a disgrace so we got gathered up at the hall and LEARN HOW TO SING OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM PROPERLLLY......Dotz......

All the girls got sector out to sing and they all don't dare to hit the high note.......They just go soundless when reach the high pitch but in class their high note is glass shattering when they shout or scold the poor guys who kinna got on their wrong side(happens everydae)......... Teacher in class wow!!! their voices are so soft my breathing sound is 100% louder.....
So devil or angel you decide.....

Waiting forward to two shows tomorrow......My all time fav and number one on my list of shows POKEMON yeah!The part of me that will never grow up and out of this!!!! hahaha....And also project superstar the show that the musical maniac in me likes so much!!!!

lol hav so many personalities sia me!!! Sometimes i duno which one i am now....Hope i ain't the one who is insane! hahaha

Friday, February 02, 2007


Every one is looking foward to tomorrow.Dotz.......................................................................................................Why?Why?Why?Tell you bahz foreign exchange student from Australia is comin to study in my class for A YEAR......She is described by the teacher to hav "Black hair,Super long eyelashes" thats all....................=.=!!! what a way to describe.Its like not describin at all............But anyways all the guys in my class are guessing her figure(includes me too hehe =p) and anticipating her arrival(doesn't include me-cuz chatted with a few of them and found em a bit wierd)Oh well might as well wait and see how she is.....................................Since foreigners are said to be"open minded" sum of my friends are getting lusty thoughts......ZzZzZzZzzZZZZZzZzzZZZz...

nothing else to add about today other than its a hol.....lets see what tomorrow brings.....