Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Calm Days

Well exams are finally over but i just don't seem to be in a celebrating mood.Feelz so bored....especially in school just sit in the hall like some kind of dumb ass.Well luckily my mum let me skip school.Well she won't if she don't gain anything from it heh.....thats my mum...Well finally able to stay home under the condition of doing house work for her and she can watch her korean movie......Well beats going to school anyways at least i have something to do.Listen to so much music lately i think my computer speaker might explode from it.If it don't, i think my eardrums will.And play quite a lot of games lately too....Well when my younger bro is not around that is he's having exams so i can't throughly enjoy myself. have to vait fur him till him exams are ova.During this two weeks i feel as if time is playing a trick on me.One second it's moving at snail pace and another second its moving in jack-rabbit speed.Heh well thats life without a real destination.Well have to try to find an aim soon or i'll be drowned in uncertainty.Oh well gotta find some stuff to do now so till next time then.LaterZ

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Out of boredom into the living dead

Well exams are finally over *phew* can finally catch my breath after such a hectic week i was looking foward to a nice relaxin week and then what happen.NO HOLS after exams and have to sit in the hall and make castle in the air.What after PMR activities more like askin us to waste our precious time doin nothin in the hall.And to make matter worst my lil bro is havin his final exam and my father is still banning all types,genra and whatsoever connected with computer and games.Oh well thats life ne ways.At least i can still listen to songs thank goodness and still use my computer when my parents and brother is out.well I think they are about to come back so have to go now.Toodlex