Sunday, July 20, 2008

Money Money fly away..

Lost to convent again in law Olympiad hosted by HELP university college.. I can't believe we(a team of 5 peeps) got 3rd again.. and guess what no prize.... Argh... BAH! Well it was a good match anyways. Good show convent! NO more next time, but was good experience.. Well normally I'll be spending the next few paragraphs cursing, but hey that's not the trait of a good sportsman.. And I AM a good sportsman..[ Xp self praising pulak ]

Well anyway I'm keeping this brief, there's still tonnes to do and there's just so little time. Eh, actually there's nothing else to say.. haha.. Exam starts on Tuesday, and pressure is staring to set in.. That's how exam works anyways.. well that's all.. Can't wait to learn more magic from Raja on Tue. Just can't get enough of tricking people and looking at their astonished face over something so logically simple. Well it's magic because they don't understand the trick. Perhaps that's the beauty of it.

Well that's all..


Thursday, July 17, 2008

A bit of diddly do dah!

Next week I'll be having my monthly exams and I can't seem to be able to sit down and go through my books. Bah fish-sticks...I"m so fried.. Xp

Well anyways the week had been alrite i suppose. Not much change. But that's life as it is now. Plain as a piece of paper. There are still stuff my class still have to sort out. First is about the end of year vacation and next is the class t-shirt. seriously it's just so hard to make one which every one like.. ZzZzZZZzZz

Something weird did happened today. I can't believe I beat Voon in chinese chess today man! Wahahaha.. 3 out of 5 matches... hehe.. That's one. The other is I don't know what's up but Rachael and Bih Jin were like acting all les today.. Yuck... But whatever they are doing I hope they are not.

I'm a bit sing-ish today.. Diddily Do Dah.. La La Li Dum Dum... lol... w/e

Well that's about all there is to say today..

Till next time..


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Co-Curriculum day

Yesterday was co-curriculum day. And boy was it a busy day. My arms are aching from all the carrying the food for sale. I woke up rather early that day and got my stuff ready and packed into an ice box which will be used later that day. And with all the cooked food inside, it probably weigh around 30-40 kg and the best part is carried it to school by foot. Luckily the pain only set in today.

Well business was rather well, though it seem to be rather unvisited. The main problem that day was to attract people's attention. The stall was at the end and most people would just walk off without looking at what we are selling. Luckily the sales girls(my female class mates) did some leveling up on their pestering skills lawl..

I reminded myself to take more pictures but i suppose I'm not really the photo maniac I thought I am. But hey I did take a few pictures.. Xp

My pasta! hehe.. still not mixed yet though.. Xp

The sales girls taking 5 from pestering... Xp

Mr Bob (my form teacher) giving a perverted pose.. hahaha

Well that's all the pictures..

I can make a conclusion from the sales though..
A large number of Malaysian don't like to eat pasta..
Ah well.. I'll remember to sell something more Asian next time.

That's all for this entry..

Friday, July 11, 2008


Woot! My art got appreciated man! Denise used it as her blog picture.. So proud of my own work.. muahahah.. I'll get to my drawing board more often when I have some extra time. So be sure to look out for it..

Tomorrow is my school's Co-curriculum Day and my class will be selling food under chess club's name. I of course will be playing a part, I'll be making pasta salad. The recipe was invented by me during Form 2 and improved my my mother. Perhaps I've seen it some where, ah well who cares haha.. What's important is, it is very nice! I just hope it'll be able to sell out well. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures tomorrow.. So don't drool all over your key board alright.

I really hope it'll turn out well you know. But sadly the shop location is not strategic. it's the furthest away from the hall.. But I hope somehow people will crowd to our shop tomorrow. Let's just hope the food is able to attract more people than flies.

Well that's all... more on tomorrow's entry.

P/S thank you Denise for the compliment! I feel appreciated Xp

well that's all.. tata

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A new art for you!

Title: Don't cry over a broken heart, I'll mend it up for ya..

Date completed: 6/7/08

Watermark: Unmarked

For: Nise

Monday, July 07, 2008

Another day, another lesson..

Everybody learns on a daily basis. Some might think they are not, but in truth they are ; I mean we all are. That is the beauty of life. A journey filled with learning. Lets take an example, Sam skipped school and got caught. What did he learn? He learns that he gets caught when he skips school. A stupid example? Haha maybe you are right, but the fact I'm trying to prove here is simple, we learn. That is it.

School started as usual today. As expected I learned something today, or rather a refresher. Let's talk bout friends for a moment. Everyone is unique, other more unique than others. That's what make life so full of life. But then again I realized something.There is no doubts that you have friends . But there are some people you should just try to be friendly with them and avoid them as much as possible. There is not really a precise guide of who and whom you should avoid, but there is something I do know and that is those who really pisses you real bad. Life is always filled with phucked up arse-snogger so why not make it a golden rule in life?

Next lets talk bout love. So what is love? I don't know, some feeling that hurts us more than a thousand blades piercing through our heart and stay there driven in so deep you could feel your heart pump the blood right out of your body ; or the feeling that could keep us so warm and fuzzy that we feel as if a thousand angels have lifted us from our earthly bonds. There are explanations to why we can have both kind of feelings especially now. Love hurts because of the lack of commitment, which is by the way very common among teenagers ; puppy love as they call it cuz it's like a puppy always wanting something new and throwing the old one behind. The warm fuzzy feeling is when people starts to get committed or perhaps some other reason I fail to grasp for I've never really loved before. ( keeping family love aside of cuz)

Having another day spent means that it's getting real close to the next exam, and I for one should tighten up my belt, pull up my socks, buck up or whatever there is to say and study hard. I mean I'm supposed to be a person who can study, or that is what my parents and teachers tell me. Well time to get a going and do some work.

Well fellow readers, till next time!
Stay tuned!