Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things that are best left unspoken.

There are things in life that are best left the way they are....Unknown,Unseen,Unspoken,Unheard....Would it be any good to let it be known?Let it be heard?Let it be seen?Let it be spoken?

As my quest to solve the enigmas of life continues so does my life...

Half of the week has already gone and what have i done?A 5% production is a far cry from my usual 70% production..hmm...The L disease has infected me again or was it never cured? I have to double enforce my will in order to suppress this annoying disease...Everything as controllable if you just put your mind into it...But what have i been doing???

Ok so the week is English week...Mr. BJ and my class has been given the responsibility of handling the week...and the most amusing thing about this is we have to do this every 2nd week of the month till school break.. heh..I mean will this yield better english speaking students?Or will this encourage them to speak in english?I truly do not know.If they don't well our efforts will be going down the drain...

Japenese came to my school on tuesday... well the good news my english is way better than the japenese studs that visited... and the bad news is i can't converse with them and my photography sucks....Hmm.. The day was fairly ok..On that day i finally know something...most of the guys in my school are so damn "clean" minded....Well ain't something new ba....I didn't take photo graph with the japenese nor did i talk with them(well they only speak japenese so how could i ever?) and my friend say that i was not friendly...Do they want me to use hand signals to converse with them and act like i'm some kind of primmative man? Seriously i don't understand them.Just because they understand a bit of japenese doesn't mean that i could. Thus,causing communication with them to be so damn difficult.

What is left now is about today..Today is today... it ain't yesterday or tomorrow... hmm.. living in the present is more difficult than expected...A word to describe today.. Joyless... so i have nothing to add about today...

And that's all for this entry..

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fairy tale and reality

Fairy tales.........Reality.......... where are we actually living in?Those who only lives in their own world and those who deceive themselves are those living in fairy tales.But then how many are living in reality?Well for me, I think fairy tales are just the complete inverse of our reality.

"Happily ever after"? Does it even exist in reality?No matter how beautiful one's life seems to be, there is always that something that rip it into those tiny pieces and allow the passing breeze to carry it away.

When everybody thinks that good will triumph over evil in the end then why are there still so many bad guys out there?When you have read till the sentence which says "and they live happily ever after" the story ends.But does anyone knows what happens after that? No they don't?When many wish their marriage to be just like a fairy tales, I prefer not to.

I choose not to deceive myself by beliving that every thing will eventually end beautifully.Even if it does, It only signifies the beginning of a completely new problem. I always wonder if we live in a fairy tale, would the ending be the same?

The people who wrote all this fairy tales are just reflecting to us the brighter side of life.But where did they hide the darkness of life?The darkness which exist even without the wicked step mother of Snow white or the wolf from red riding hood.The darkness which lies within every soul.

Perhaps all those are hidden after the sentence "and they live happily ever after" all written on those pages that are not seen by us. It is our own duty to make sure we do not live in fairy tales but to live in reality and see things the way they really are.

There is no second chance or a fairy god mother to help you in your time of need.The only one that could help you is you yourself. Only by breaking free from one's own fairy tale can one finally see reality as it really is. By achieving this only can one cherish themselves more, for how can one cherish themselves when they are blinded from the truth..

Laugh when you can laugh,
Cry when you have tears to shed,
Breath all you can breath,
Hear all you can hear,
Touch the hearts of those you can reach,

See what the world offers,
Feel all you can feel.
believe all there is to believe
And live life as what life really is.

~I just love this song =]~