Saturday, May 09, 2009

A new life ???

The long awaited college life has begun. It's been more than a week since i arrived here in Inti University College located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. The first few days of orientation reminded me so so so so much of plkn camp. Group games and all. As usual you need a group name and cheer, IT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE ALWAYS HAVE TO DO IN PLKN CLASSES! These are normal things for me, but i'm appointed group leader? =.=!!

Well orientation passed rather quickly. The activities were not that bad after all. The first week of lectures are mostly introduction of ourselves and getting to know more bout our syllabus. Well it's okay. Some of the lecturers had already begun teaching a little of the syllabus. It's rather interesting. Though I think i'm already seeing stars.. Haha.. I can thank the 6 months of not studying. I NEED BRAIN POLISH!! HAHAHA!
ok i guess it's time for pictures! LA~

My hostel.. Block P ^^

The english language center.. I don't think i'll need to go in there.. lol

basketball court! I don't play here.. lolz.. not my type of ball..

they have seats here at basketball court..

Ok this is the place i will go to.. lol.. swimming pool!

The mental problem hospital.. its the multi purpose hall..

The toilet is that way >>>>

Squash court... but the door reflects light

Bridge to lectures! The bridge of information hahaha..

The fooball field is yonder!

The slope actually looks steep from the bridge.. hahaha

Thirsty? Drink here!

The learning resource centre.. The library is inside!

Class rooms are labeled this way

And they look like this!