Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Crossroad of fate.

Sec school ended a long time ago. But, that itself was not a beginning. The real story began after spm results were released. As usual the first few chapters of the book is nothing useful, other than the basic introduction to the main character and some minor characters that will soon be forgotten towards the end. My life, is currently in that chapter. Days slowly passed by, and I await the arrival of the letter that will determine the progression of my story.

With each different choice made, there will be a different ending, a different path. For now I just really hope I can get into "matrikulasi" local matriculation.During this global economical crisis, it's a very crucial that I get that for it will ease the burden shouldered by my aging parents.

The path ahead is not an easy one. I can already foreshadow the events yet to come. Yet, all I can do now is wait and nothing but wait as the future slowly flips over, unrevealing itself as the present. The story had begun, but the future has not been decided, the ending has not been drafted. Perhaps this calm and smooth going perface of mine is actually the calm before the storm.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Korean Food!!

I stayed at my grandpa house for a few days after my spm result was out.. Then My uncle brought me to have korean food located near INTI COLLEGE NILAI..

I can't believe I went for korean food.. hahaha.. The First time? But seriously it's really not bad..wahaha.. Well I won't be saying much but lets just show you pictures... Yay pictures...

The korean Restaurant! Food INSIDE!!

On the way in..OMG I can't wait..

My uncle and his family who brought me here..Thank you uncle.. haha

Lets start with kimchi.. Which ones first? I guess i'll just eat all! Muahaha

Ooh ooh sizzling meat.. Can I eat it yet? Huh it's still raw! >.<

Yes Yes.. Done.. Done.. Waaa Smells delicious..

Take a pic? haha.. Eh it's kinna fatty? >.<

Lets see, So i have to wrap this with lettuces leaf , chillie and garlic.. Hey where's my garlic??

Aiks, my cuz's already eatting.. and so fast too? I need to start eating.. Ish no more picture..

And that's the end of my photo spree.. Ate my fill that night, there was also spicy nian gao, miso soup, and ban fan( the one you mixed everyting with rice and there's raw egg in the middle).

Huahaha.. A meal well ate? X3 I'm going to go again.. when i have enough cash.. huhu cost a lot.. lucky my uncle's the one paying hahaha..

well that's all.. and I went home satisfied that night..

Saturday, April 04, 2009


I've delayed this post for long enough..
I've to get it updated sooner or later..
well here it goes...

Plkn log #2

I'm back to camp again after the new year break. Most of them aren't back from their holidays yet.. They extended their holidays and I did not. Seeing my friends in camp again feels rather strange. Not to say exactly happy, nor sad, but definitely more than neutral. Eh what do you call that? heh..

There is just too much to write a bout if i'm going to write on a day to day basis.. So Let me just highlight the major events.

First Off is water sport..
Water Sports consists of kayaking [Single, double mixed double.] and rafting.. I took part in rafting. It was my first time going for rafting.. and boy was it hard.. It's a 10 person team, 8 rowers, one flagman and one guy at the rear.. Paddling was freaking hard.. I never thought it would be.. My team lost the race, cuz someone fell in the water.. Well too bad for us I guess..
We Still got 2nd place for the overall score. It ain't half bad.

Next is shooting. The camp does not have a shooting range. So we went to a shooting range owned by the military and police. We get to use a M-16 on a 50 meter range. The shots were very loud from the distance. But when I actually get to fire the gun, it's not loud at all, just clanking of the shells could be heard.. I got a 93% accuracy rating.. haha..though there are 9 people who got 100%..

Jungle trekking/camping.
This is the first time trekking deep into a jungle.. And seriously it's not just any jungle but the jungle just over the hill from my camp. So we have to make our way up the hill and down the hill to out camp side.. The time showed 6am, reluctantly I peeled open my eyes. A few of the florescent lamp had been switched on. It hurts just keeping my eyes open. After dressing in full uniform we were assembled in the marching field for further instructions. The bag packed feels like a ton. If I've know the bag straps were so short i wouldn't have packed the damned 1.5 liters of mineral water. Also to add the 800 or 900 ml of water in my tumble they supply. Boy were the tumblers heavy. The past few days were raining so the road up hill were slippery. On the way up, a rather big sized Indian girl trainee was careless and twisted her ankle. Well ouch and sorry you'll have to roll down the hill. Eh I mean limp down the hill. Xp

As we walk higher up the hill, the bottle feels heavier and heavier and the bag feels like a ton to two ton then three ton. Just like positive arithmetic progression. Luckily it's not gp. The whole trip had been very enjoyable. BUT VERY VERY TIRING.. There were rescue mission and herbal hunt. But no ghost hunt at night. It started raining when evening came so ghost hunt was CANCELED. The weather was cooling and I slept like a log. Or rather slept on a log? Haha..

Last In line was closing ceremony.
I was in the closing ceremony marching squad. Practice was rather easy because it was exactly like the open day. There was training to help us remember just in case we forget. Everything went well. Later that night I was in a malay dance? lolz.. Damn it was a night to remember.. BUt the most memorable thing that night was the inevitable parting on the next day. Coaches that were very close to trainee's were crying. Of cuz there are alot of trainee who cried.. Not me though, the effect set in on me the parting day itself. I almost cried. well almost. Tears were welling up but i suck them all back into my eyeball. If that is how you describe it.. haha..

well I'm all done.. now for pictures.. but there isn't much.. anyway here goes..

I proudly Introduce My company's flag! The Charlie company flag.. woot

My Dorm.. Dorm E the dorm I've spent 3 months in. And that's Joshua at the front.

The assembly place.. We assemble here every morning before 6.30am

The Cafe and behind is the hill we have to climb over to reach the camp site.

One of the most relaxing spot in camp..

The Charlie Squad Leader.. A man with guts and can make freaking scary war faces..

Chang Yeong, Me(in malay traditional wear) and Yong Hong

Choon Yap my good buddy and wallet keeper when i go for a shower.

My good buddy gang..
Front: Leon, Aaron, me
Back: Ah kong..(he's big but freaking funny and good to disturb...hahaha)

That's all the picture..
well that's all..

Friday, April 03, 2009

old drawings resurfaced

One of the oldest art

Drawn for small Shar Linn(lawlz)

Drawn when I was bored(one of the oldest also)

Another art drawn for a friend!