Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Define busy.

Aaah finally 10 minute break from reality.Just wish i could be lost in my own fantasy world.But that ain't gonna happen so might as well just enjoy most out of this 10 minute....From primary 1 to now this year is the busiest of them all.All the teacherz are giving so much work.Oh well i think its for our own good anyways.

The rain clouds are finally gone and the new year wind is blowing strongly!Yeah i love da new year wind.It juts puts me in a happy mood.The new year smell is in the air and i just know that this year would not be the same.I feel it in my veins and blood.I will no I must work harder for i will achieve something that i've never done b4.

My parents say that i shouldn't be so kind to others because they will onli make use of me.Is it really true?Well i guess it is true cuz i just found out that one of my fren wuz onli suckin out my knowledge and he never gives me anything in return.But then again i like to help people it makes me feel good.Well i guess i'll still be kind but not to all.I guess thats a new way of life fur me.....

Time passes,things change,
The only think that doesn't,
is my wishful thinking.

Neither time nor age,
shall bring it to fade,
for it'll be my only wishful thought...