Sunday, August 26, 2007

Being There For You

This is probably my last post before school reopens... So many things had happen recently and everything seemed to pass like a flash of light... For me to relax this hols? Impossible...This hols has been well a hols of realisation...

I realise a lot of things this hols..Well there are 4 importants ones mainly...

1) Say NO

2) Shut Up

3) Don't Criticise

4) Don't expect for people to be there for u just because you were there for them...

Is saying being there for you just an empty promise?I have like no idea at all..
At times I ask myself is being there for others worth it, when no one is there for you when u needed them?

As I continue pondering on this question, the world continues turning...
So what the hack man... I'll just continue doing what I do best...

Being me....


And now my adventure continues.....

~Don't be afraid..I'm here with you~
[Picture of sora and roxas dedicated to Shar Linn a true KH fan until her ps died that]

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wei Xiao De Ying Zhi (A Smiling Shadow)

It's really such a miraculous thing for me to find such an inspiring phrase(with pic of cause) in the newspaper.. It had completely pulled me out of the misery i had been for this past few months...Hahahaha.... I just feel so great now so I think i'll share this with you all..

It says
[Da ying zhi ji, zai duo kan ke, ye yao wei xiao zhou xia chu]

which means
[promise yourself no matter how rough the journey ahead, you have to keep smiling and continue walking on..]

I so darn love this pic !!!! <3<3<3


Now I feel like i could take on the world!! It's just so funny when no one that can talk managed to pull me away from my dumps whereas just a picture which can't talk managed to do it...

To all those who have tried to help me thankiew...and for those who rub salt into my wound when i'm down WHATEVER!!! hahahaha... I don't blame you at all, because just like you said to me [ni zen de mang bu jiang li...Bu guai bu guai]..... HAHA to you.... lol-ness...[luckily tt person I am talking a bout doesn't visit my blog *phew*]
And to all my other friends YOU ARE ALL JUST SO CUTE!! KAWAII NO~~! I"LL CHERISH YOU ALL (mostly and not you moo~ I just hate COWS hahaha)


Smile and the world will smile with you...

so come on now everybody smile with me...

haha but not like this little baby hahaha...

But more like riku,sora and kairi....
That's all Cherieooo!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If I could create a neverland

Life is a complete drag for me these few months..It's not like there aren't any happy moments in this duration but well it's just so scarce...Well life is made that way..Have you ever wonder what life would be like if there was a neverland?

Seriously the neverland on my mind is not the one you see above...Well one things for sure we teenagers can not even enter that place..That is Pete's neverland(Peter Pan)...Next fact that that could never be my neverland is well it's too remote and there is absolutely no tech stuff and you know what's worse no books...haha...

That would be what a normal teenagers like me want.But for me well i prefer a more tranquil place..A place to get away from the clutches of our cruel & merciless reality..A place where i could be free, be who I am, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this neverland which only there for me..

The dark side of my neverland....

For every beautiful place, there would be some evil that lurks around. Just like in Peter Pan there is the existence of Captain Hook.I have come to know that the existence of evil is inevitable..So what are the evil which lurks around my neverland? The Shadows of the past? The shadow of darkness which exist within us? Or the ultimate evil that resides deep within us...HATRED..

In my neverland, evil does not attack you physically but more of a mental torment...It is the pain Captain Hook felt when his hand was taken(bitten off to be exact) only the pain hurts on our insides..Heartaches...Guilt...and etc. etc.

To be finally free from them, is well the ultimate success you can achieve here..

My retreat from reality...
That's all I can tell you about the everland which only exist in my mind. So now i bid you all farewell as I begin another day's journey in my so called Neverland...

Neverland's calling.....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

99 ways of saying i love you

Here are 99 ways of saying i love you

Afrikaans - Ek is lief vir jou
Albanian - te dua
Arabic - Ana Ahebak / Ana Bahibak
Armenian - yes kez shat em siroom
Assyr- Az tha hijthmekem
Alentejano(Portugal) - Gosto De Ti, Porra!
Bahasa Malayu - (Malaysia) Saya cinta mu
Basque - Maite Zaitut
Bengali - Ami Tomake Bahlobashi
Bavarian - I mog di
Bisaya - Nahigugma ko nimo
Bosnian - Ja te volim (formally) or volim-te
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Burmese- chit pa de
Cantonese - Ngo Oi Nei
Chinese - gnoy oy naGoi Oi Lei (Hongkong)Wa Ai Li (Taiwan)
Cambodian - Bon sro lanh oon
Catalan - T'estim (mallorcan)
Croatian - LJUBim te
Czech - miluji te
Danish- Jeg elsker dig
Dutch - Ik hou van jou
English - I love you
Esperanto - Mi amas vim
Estonian - Ma armastan sind / Mina armastan sind (formal)
Farsi - Tora dust midaram
Filipino - Mahal ka ta
Finnish - Minä rakastan sinua
French - Je t'aime
Gaelic - Tá mé i ngrá leat
German - Ich liebe Dich
Greek - S'agapw
Greenlandic - Asavakit
Gujrati - Hoon tane pyar karoochhoon
Hawaiian - Aloha wau ia 'oe
Hebrew - Ani ohevet ota
Hindi - Main tumsey pyaar karta hoon / Maine Pyar Kiya
Hmong - Kuv Hlub Koj
Hungarian - Szeretlek
Hokkien - Wa ai lu
Hopi - Nu' umi unangwa'ta
Icelandic - Eg elska thig
Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
Italian - ti amo
Indian - Mai tumase pyar karata hun (male to female) Mai tumase pyar karati hun (female to male)
Irish - taim i' ngra leat
Japanese - Aishiteru
Javanese - Kulo tresno marang panjenengan (formal)aku terno kowe (informal)
Kapangpangan - Kaluguran daka.
Korean - SA LANG HAE / Na No Sa Lan Hei
Kurdish - Khoshtm Auyt
Laos - Chanrackkun
Latin - Ego te amo
Latvian - Es mîlu Tevi
Lithuanian - As Myliu Tave
Lebanese - Bahibak
Lingala - Nalingi yo
Lojban - mi do prami
Luo - Aheri
Macedonian - Te sakam
Mandarin - Wo Ai Ni
Malteese - Inhobbok hafna
Malay - Saya cintakan mu / Saya cinta mu
Norwegian - Jeg elsker deg
Persian - Tora Doost Darem
Pig Latin - I-yea Ove-lea Ou-yea
Polish - Kocham Cie
Portuguese - Eu te amo (Brazilian)Eu amo-te (continental)
Punjabi - me tumse pyar ker ta hu'
Romanian - Te iubesc
Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
Serbo-Croatian - Volim te
Slovenian - ljubim te
Swedish - Jag älskar dig
Swiss German - Ch-ha di gärn
Spanish - Te quiero / te amo / yo amor tu
Swahili - Naku penda
Tagalog - Mahal Kita / Iniibig kita
Tamil - Naan Unnai Khadalikkeren
Telugu - Nenu Ninnu Premisthunnanu
Thai - Khao Raak Thoe / chun raak ter
Turkish - seni seviyorum
Ukranian - Yalleh blutebeh / ya tebe kohayu
Urdu - Mea tum se pyaar karta hu ( when a guy says it)Mea tum se pyar karti hu (when a gal says it) Vietnamese - Toi yeu em
Vulcan - Wani ra yana ro aisha
Yugoslavian - Ya te volim
Zazi - Ezhele hezdege
Zulu - Mena Tanda Wen

enjoy saying them..