Sunday, October 25, 2009

Of self finding and losing

It's been almost half a semester I'm back to college. Life is a little different now. For the past few months, I lost myself. But I finally found myself again after facing some problems. I think things will turn for the better now.

It's really complicated on how to explain how I had actually lost myself. Lets just simply put it as I've lost my sense of direction. I lost focus on what I had ever wanted to achieve. But the most important part is I must never let myself lose control.

In the few months that had made the half semester, I found out that taking up things are easy, the only problem lies with letting go. How do you actually let go of something you have become rather attached to? The answer to that might lie within myself, and maybe self reflection could enlighten me.

Every day is a new beginning and ends when the new day arrives. Leave the past behind but embrace the lessons, and live the day like you are meant to live. Enjoy every feeling you have ever felt and part when it's time to part.

That's all for today i guess.. Some nonsentical blabber I just feel like writing out. heh.. later