Monday, March 27, 2006

LiFe Is UnPrEdIcTeD As EvEr

Well not much happen to me last week till Saturday...... 25/3/05 that day was a killer man...Well lets start from da begining shall we.Well on that day wuz a ceramah day tecnically it wasn't such a bad day but a special 1.Well this ceramah was well is how he began his speech...

How are you feeling
Now I don't wan you to say good i wan't you all to say "hou yea"
HOw are you feeling

Well the ice breaking wuz not the bad part it has still yet to some....Arggg 4 me its like BLOODY rare 4 me to do something so
HUMILIATING ...... well here is d humiliating part was I was made to dance hawaii cuz did wrong thing in front of d school....Man was that humiliating ....

Haiz well thats all lah till next time

Thursday, March 23, 2006

School N other stuffz

Well School has just started boring holz over now comes nagging teacherz why can't I have just one good day.RESULTS are back......Arrgh they SUCK and i mean BIG TIME.What is wrong with me arrgh.....The ASSY FOUR in my class is getting assier n assier by the day n they are so sucky thats the word suck is not sutiable to discribe them....Man so pooped today feel like droping on my bed n Sleep ZzZzZzZ...... bnt can't afternoon hav tution n nite too....Bitter lifez but yet still sweet life like sweet bitter gourd soup(if there is anything like this....) hehz....well then have to continue this rocky life bumpy rocky up n down life

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hols goin over

Hols again....didn't expect it is over so soon....Well in a few days time.This hols 4 me is full of confusion,stress,depression,excitement,enjoyment and a lil happiness. So bored this hols doin same things again and again till i am already tired of doin those things again 4 the time being.Not really a special holidays normal,same,boring,sien ......ect. ect.Man didn't updated my blog 4 so long d....Don't care bah too bz marz....Well this hols no hanging out, hardly chat with frenz cuz no one 4 more days then school reopen haiz then study study study......Well anyway its better if school is open.....Or staying too long at home will die....well s'all i hav to say bah till next time then..

Swift like the wind I shall go,
And find the place I shall dwell,
As the seconds tick,
I wonder where I should go,
Where I belong,
Without noticing I am gone,
On a trip to who knows where...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Finallt overz

Haiz sports dae is finally over tired like hell.hahaz but marching got 2nd.Yeah not too shabby.Exams is when.....OMG next week didn't even study wei marching all dae long..Now hav to study like shit....Haiz esp geography walau that teacher don't know how to teach.I don't even understand what she says wei.Well have to boost the speed of studying.sienz ar sien.....well its ok i think no big lor.After that can rest 4 a little while cuz its a term break yeah