Sunday, April 27, 2008

Testing one, two.. Oh! No one's around....

I find it very amusing because the only person who frequently visit my blog is myself. And the things I post here are also read by myself. No one visits, or even bothers to visit. Well I suppose that's what unpopularity brings. lol.

I wonder whether I should continue blogging. Maybe I should just stop this. I have nothing much to share. Even if I have anything to say no one cares. What a wonderful life huh.

Well even if no one want to read I might just as well inform those who took the pain to visit. This is perhaps my last entry. I won't continue anymore. Well this finally the end huh.

Will I continue? i don't know...

Anyways bye........

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brink of Insanity

I'm stuck, confused and messed up.
People are pushing me to my limits.
I am losing it.
I have so much to do.
I have so little time.
People are so difficult to come to terms.
I'm pissed.
I know my work can't be perfect.
But beggars can't be choosers.
Instead of complaining, they should contribute.
Instead of waiting they should take the initiative.
Don't they know many hands make light work?
How can they continue to force me up the wall?
I'm really losing it.
I think I might go insane real quick.
Is the needle in the haystack just so hard to find?
Well damn it all lar....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dot Dots and even more dotz

Recently life's nothing more than a dot, you might as well call it a blotch. A black dot which clearly symbolises a halt or maybe hesitation or you might even say delay. Well to me a dot is more than a dot. I dot when I have nothing much to say. I dot when I just want something to end. And I dot when I do not know what to do. Sometimes, I even dot because I'm just to lazy to carry on.

But well there is not much knowledge to a dot. I mean everyone can make out what a dot is. So life's a dot. And that's the end of what it is hahaha... One think I'm not really feeling great about is going to scouts... I'm SUPPOSED to have fun there but I just find it so very very dull. But I don't think I would be going anymore. DOT! Xp

Next week is another new week and every thing is going to happen all over again. But there is something I'm looking forward to next week. There will be a recording session for me next Wednesday. Woot! And I meant singing recording session. Haha.. I might post it here. Though it is not just me but also with Wee Chong. I'm just a newbie singer so don't expect too much from my singing lol. And I'll have a solo recording during the end of the year.. Wa so excited.. Me, I mean my very own singing recording lol..

So excited le.. haha... ok la i guess i'll end it here...

& so he DOTTED.

Monday, April 07, 2008

My Ice Kacang sort of life...

Ice Kacang a sweet and popular dessert here in Malaysia. A plate of ice shavings, coated with sweet syrup which you can either choose the normal syrup coating or a "gula melaka" coating. Embedding this ice sculpture is the unforgettable sweet corn which is my absolute favorite . Hidden beneath the ice kacang is the main ingredient the kacang or normally known as the red beans. Among the red beans are what my mother would call " Ah Tap Zhi " which is hidden like treasure. Given it's sweet, cool combination, no wonder it's love by most Malaysian.

Come to think of it, my life is like the Ice Kacang ; a combination of culture, habits, traditions and perhaps even the latest teenager craze. If I am a Ice Kacang, let just say I am a crazy individual coated with moral values from my parents & with the latest teenage fashion embedded into me. Hidden in me is the knowledge and experience I have gained in this whole life and the treasure would be the special and unique talent that each and every one of us have. Some perhaps more than others, but I'm very happy with what I have. That is me, the one of a kind Ice Kacang.

And that is how I am, a plate of Ice Kacang. Though a bit crazy at time. Ok.... make that usually crazy, but I am still who I am. No one says that every one would like me. I mean is it even possible to make the whole world to fall in love with you. Even if there is a chance, the chances are like trying to breath 6 feet under water with a 5 feet snorkel. Which also means it is impossible.. lol..

But what the heck, I'll just life the best I can and do the best I can do.
So to those who hate me or have something against me take your hate somewhere else.
I'm not worth your hate.. lolz...
Well looks like this Ice Kacang have to go back to the freezer before he melts..

& with a hop he jumped back into the freezer

& he reads manga

If you ask me what I'd do to take a break, I'd say I'll read manga!
Yep nothing like reading manga to relax.
And what's on my to read list for manga,

Manga that I have to wait for the release weekly( sometimes monthly)

1) MxO
2) D grey man
3) Naruto
4) Bleach
5) Fairy Tail
6) Psyren
7) Double Arts
8) Soul Eater
9) Monster Soul

Manga That I have finish reading and is still my all time fav.

1) MAR
2) Midori No Hibi

Well that's all..
Man 9 comic to keep up with is surely not easy lol...
Well luckily some of them updates only once monthly.
I guess that's all for now...
Time to rush for tuition...

If you ever wonder where to read mango from,
go to,

& he disappears like a ninja