Thursday, September 02, 2010

Counting Backwards

Time really flies when you aren't looking. I've been to blinded by grief for the past month that I failed to noticed that the world won't stop because of me.Looking back this experience had not been a total waste. Lets just put it at, my pride got trim down to size.

After secondary school, life has just changed so much or rather I have. My perspective has undergone a chain reaction of changes. But I guess life is just a whole journey of falling, changing, then rebouncing back to where we left off. Till the end of the journey, what would be left of the us that we used to be?

I guess my break is almost up. Back to studies. Mugging/doing/reading/memorizing.. Urgh.. But on the bright side I still have enough time to prepare for the darn exam.. lolx...

ciox people..

p/s Thank you people for reading my lil page..
It wont be the same with out you people.. who ever you are..

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