Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Regime?

Wahahaha.. I can't believe it, AS exam is coming soon. It just fills me with such anticipation and perhaps some fear? Well I'm really sure but hey lets just face it as time comes.. For this grand festival, I've prepared a new regime.. Make my morning my night and my nights morning. The Topsy Turvy rule.. Haha.. But seriously with this regime, morning seems to be easier to wake up, well technically I'm not asleep then, so how can I wake up? Haha.. Don't make sense eh? But what I'm trying to stress on here is I'm not having the 5 more minutes problems any more? Hahaha..

I know exam is coming but we can't always be so stressed up rite, how can we bundle ourselves up? If we do that, I don't think anything can fit into the head. Well unless we cut the strings or noodles in our brain and we'd go bananas.

Well anyhow on my last search on the net I came across this really great singer. Great falsetto and nice pitch. She's definitely on my top 3 fav. singer list. She's Alan Dowa Dolma. Tibetan background and went to further her career in Japan.

Honto kawaii ne?

Album art rawrr!

and to end it lets put up a mv of hers.. Title : My life..
p/s the chinese version is also out, it's not bad.. But personally I prefer the Japanese version..
Oh and she uses Er Hu in some of her music.. which is rather unique don't you think?

That's all Ja-Neee!

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